You may not have the requirements you need for direct entry into university. If not, pathway programs are another way to enter university.

There are many ways to gain entry to a course at Monash. If you don't meet our entry requirements, there are a number of ways you can get started.

Diploma of Tertiary Studies

Many universities offer a pathway program if you did not meet the requirements for your first preference. Please check each institution or ask your careers advisor about these pathway options.

At Monash University, the Diploma of Tertiary Studies is a one year full-time course. If you successfully complete the course you can apply for entry to several popular Monash courses and gain credit from the Diploma. This alternative entry pathway into Monash University is offered at the Gippsland, Peninsula and Berwick campuses.

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TAFE qualifications

In some cases, you can use an Australian TAFE qualification as a pathway to study at university and each institution may have its own arrangements.. If you have successfully completed the first year of an associate diploma or an advanced certificate (Certificate IV or above) this may help you enter university.

For further infiormation about pathways from TAFE to Monash University, please visit

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If you gain a place at university, you may be eligible for some credit towards your course for any graded TAFE studies you have completed.

Indigenous pathways

There are a number of pathways into universities for indigenous students. Please check individual universities for details. At Monash Indigenous Enabling Program (IEP) and Indigenous Non-Award Pathway (INAP) are both pathway programs designed to support Indigenous Australians who wish to undertake university studies.

Special entry

There are a range of special entry programs offered at universities throughout Victoria. Please check each university for details or ask your careers advisor.

Monash University recognises that some applicants may have experienced difficulties that have prevented them from getting into university. Monash offers a range of special admissions schemes that may help you gain entry to your chosen course.