Health Promotion

What is Health Promotion

Health promotion is a term that has been applied to a wide range of approaches to improving health of people, communities and populations. But whatever the particular focus of health promotion work, health promotion needs to be grounded in firm principles and philosophy.

What the work involves

Health promotion staff work at a number of levels from face to face contact with individuals, groups and communities to more strategic work such as policy development. The work is much more than simply advising or persuading individuals to make lifestyle changes and includes:

  • Organisational Development - developing organisations to be more health promoting e.g. in Schools, Workplaces and Hospitals.
  • Community Development - developing communities to be more health promoting e.g. neighbourhoods, cultural communities and communities of interest
  • Strategy Development - developing a strategic approach to improving health and ensuring that local, regional and national policies that can affect public health do so in a health promoting way.
  • Personal Development - developing the personal, emotional, and social skills and abilities of lay and professional people in order for them to maximise their own health and build a health promoting capacity for those around them
  • Partnership Development - developing partnerships with key people, communities and organisations who can affect or influence public health, and to enable these partnerships to be better able to promote health.
  • Health Information - developing ways of providing appropriate and accurate information about people‚Äôs health, what social and behavioural factors can affect their health, and what can be done to improve health.
  • Project Management - managing specific health promoting projects in order to ensure they are ethical, effective and efficiently delivered

How do I become a Health Policy Maker?

There are many available courses that lead to this profession. Below is information about courses at Monash University.