Why Study at Uni

There are heaps of different reasons why people may chose to study at university. For some professions, you have to complete a degree (like Medicine or Law) in order to work in that field. For other people, studying at university is an opportunity for in-depth learning in a topic of interest. For others, its about ensuring job security and financial stability.

The thing to remember is that there are no right or wrong reasons for studying at university. The tricky thing is trying to figure out why would you want to study at university? This is actually the very first question we explore in our Year 11 and 12 workshops. You might not be able to answer this question straight away and your reasons could also change with time, but its a question to keep in the back of your mind as you contemplate what to do after school.

The facts are that studying at university opens a lot of doors for your future.
Studying at university

  • Improves your prospects for life as graduates gain professional qualifications that are recognised and respected worldwide
  • Increases job security and financial stability
  • Exposes you to latest research and technology
  • Opportunity to meet friends and mentors that can become future contacts and colleagues
  • Allows you to meet new people and cultures
  • Travel the world by studying overseas on Travel Abroad programs
  • Builds initiative and leadership skills that can be used for life
  • Encourages creative and independent thought

If you’re interested in finding out how what pathways for employment are available and the average income for graduates after their first degree have a look at Where Grads Go: http://www.graduateopportunities.com/wp-content/uploads/GradsGo2014_v8_printquality.pdf