VCE Tutoring

Not understanding what on earth your teacher or textbook is talking about can be really disheartening. It can sometimes be hard admitting you need an extra hand but keep in mind that everyone needs help at some stage or another and VCE is challenging. These people and resources are here to help and inspire you because they understand this and they’ve been through it. Listed below are two organisations that we think are great. Embrace Education are a student run education team here to help you understand what’s going on. My Cheat Sheet is an online resource with heaps of tutorials that deconstruct specific subjects. Just take a look.

Embrace Education

Embrace Education are an awesome team of university students who run free tutoring sessions through their Homework Club and other projects throughout Melbourne. Their mission is to inspire and empower disadvantaged students to realise their potential by embracing education. And they’re really really good at it. Just click the link below to find out where and where a tutoring session is running near you.!homework-clubs/c13uf

My Cheat Sheet

My Cheat Sheet is a website that contains tutorials by people who have been through the seemingly never ending path of VCE. They know what it's like when you don't understand your teacher or your textbooks don't help because they don't make sense and to top it off it seems your exam is waiting for you around the corner! Theres heaps of free information on this website about how to approach studying in VCE as well as general study tips and advice on career paths. For a small fee you can also access in-depth online tutorials that guide you through specific subjects.

Check it out here at